10 Reasons to Watch World Cup Climbing

10 Reasons to Watch World Cup Climbing

World Cup climbing is organized by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). They put on a series of lead, speed, and bouldering competitions that span several months and are located across the globe on three continents. Climbers compete for podium spots at individual events as well as points as they chase overall season titles. Youth climbers can get a lot of benefit from watching IFSC's competitions. Especially youth competitors.

Here's 10 reasons to watch IFSC World Cup Climbing:

1. To get familiar with the onsight climbing competition format. If you are new to competitive climbing, watching events like the World Cup will help to familiarize you with the structure, pacing, and strategy of climbing competitions. Observe how the pros come out ready from Iso, size up their climbs, try hard on every attempt, conserve energy, rest, and use their time wisely.

2. To boost your route-reading skills. The World Cup competition sets will have brand new volumes, holds, and innovative sequences. It is fascinating and educational to watch world-class climbers figure things out and anticipate their beta.

3. To learn from the commentator analysis. During the route preview, they often  have one of the setters describe the climb and explain the intended sequence. During the final round of competition, they usually recruit a favorite experienced comp climber to do commentary. Their insights are both helpful and entertaining!

4. To ignite your own dreams. Many of the World Cup climbers came up through the ranks of youth competitive climbing. In fact, some of them still ARE youth climbers! You may see people that you've seen in person at competitions back home. One day, that might be you! If nothing else, watching IFSC competitions gets you amped to climb. 

5. To have that international Olympic feeling every month. Climbing has a great community, and it shines brightly during the World Cups. Athletes from different countries enthusiastically support and encourage one another. They even gladly discuss beta with their fellow competitors during the route preview. Feelings of goodwill abound.

6. To support climbers from your own country and to promote the sport at home. Cheer for your local and national athletes. Show your support and interest in climbing by watching the events. 

7. To discover the international climbing community. Climbing communities all over the earth are as cool and chill as your local climbing community.  Find fun and inspiring climbers from all over the world to follow on Instagram and to cheer for at the next World Cup.

8. To be amazed by the Japanese climbers. Seriously, they have a huge contingent at every competition and almost always have climbers in the final rounds of bouldering and sport climbing. We're looking forward to the debut of climbing as an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020!

9. To enjoy the amazing show of talent. You get to witness the best competition climbers in the world giving 100% effort on very creative and exciting boulders and routes designed by the best setters in the world. For speed climbing, you get to watch amazing new time records being set.

10. To have an excuse to throw a party. Gather some snacks and your climbing friends. It is definitely more fun to cheer with a crowd and to share the emotion and drama together.

Already watch IFSC World Cup comps? Comment on why you love watching those events. Also, at the time of writing, we're all anxiously waiting on the 2018 Vail stop of the World Cup Bouldering tour, taking place June 8-9, 2018. Get more info on that here! 

📺Watch IFSC competitions free on YouTube. 

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