You Need to Volunteer (Don't Worry, They'll Find You A Job Where You Can't Break Anything)

Our sport requires a lot of volunteers. I know if you’re a non-climber, it can be very intimidating to raise your hand in order to help out at a local and even more so at regionals and beyond. As someone who has judged at the national level, I have to say, that despite the pressure to get things right, it sure is a lot of fun to get involved.

Climbing Shoes Matter: Recommendations for Every Level Youth Competitor

The goal of this article is to help you pick shoes with more intentionality. Going with the cheapest thing you can find is something that a lot of parents, including myself, have done. But shoes make a big difference in performance on the wall so if your kid cares about how they’re doing, then you might want to put a little more thought into shoe selection.